The Vista Rooms Crew

Sink & Swim together - this phrase probably describe us the best. We’re just a bunch of diverse people working towards a common cause - making holidays great again! We’ve set ourselves upon this journey, and the waters may get rough at times, but we’ll definitely sail through together.

Captain Voyagers, Top Vista Stay Mangers

Monil Dagli

Key Relationship Manager

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Shraddha Pandere

Top Stay Manager

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Snehal Valanju

Top Stay Manager

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Jainik Sheth

Key Realtionship Manager

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Salony Palrecha

Top Stay Manager

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Naushad Chauhan

Top Stay Manager

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Pooja Suram

Top Stay Manager

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Nirmala Gajjelli

Top Stay Manager

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Vista Culture

What happens when writers, musicians, teachers, professors and gluttons unite? It’s basically mayhem but a lot of brilliant ideas! We do a lot of things collectively - rant about the slow internet and air-conditioning (typical start-up problems sigh!), drool over great food and villas, scream about last minute cancellations. The one thing that truly binds us all is, our passion for travel & service excellence. You will never the phrase, “That’s not my work” at Vista Rooms. If you do, you are probably at the wrong office.

Join the Crew

Like being a part of something from the start, and watching it grow? If yes, then this is the ship you’d want to be sailing! If you love exchanging ideas, getting out of your comfort zone to try something new, or have been bitten by the startup bug too, write to us at [email protected] or just send us a note with a pizza! It’s definitely not all fun and games, but we do a good job of making it quite an experience along the way!

Benefits of Working With Vista Rooms

Competitive Compensation

Get the right value for your talent & skills

Flat Management Structure

All ideas are heard and given equal importance

Opportunity to Travel Overseas

We are International & we are constantly expanding

Challenging Work Environment

Each day at Vista offers a new thrill, a new challenge

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